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Preston graduated from Texas Christian University in 2009 with a BBA in Entrepreneurial Management and a BFA in Theatre. He began speaking on generations that same year, when his talk, “How the Internet Crashed Our Party,” was selected for his alma mater’s Honor’s Convocation speech. When both his business and theatre professors informed him that a career could be found in public speaking, he knew he had found home.


In 2011 he was hired by The Center for Generational Kinetics. As their Content Facilitator he curated a blog on generations, did research that appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, and began presenting across the United States and Canada. He spoke for such distinguished clients as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Marriott Canada, POM Wonderful, and others. In 2013, Preston launched his own business as an independent speaker, researcher, and consultant.


Priding himself on data-backed insight, Preston is now a candid force for positive, evidence-based change in schools and businesses. He has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Laura Ingraham, and witnessed (to his awed dismay) his words tattooed onto an audience member. Today he jams out in Austin, Texas, where he keeps a Platinum Frequent Flyer card, a Nexus 5, a rock gym membership, a mobile office, and a bridge across Generations.

Data. Humor. Results.


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Campuses across the country are facing two huge challenges: how do we retain Generation Y teachers in the face of impending Baby Boomer retirement, and how do we educate a new generation of students who have grown up with extraordinary access to technology?

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Generation Y buys more houses and new cars than any other generation. Their spending power will soon outpace every other generation in the marketplace. Preston's actionable insights into the millennial mindset will give you new access to this demographic of customer.

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Every generation has its own preferences in communication, workplace environment, management styles, and incentives. Preston's insight into generational working habits transforms interpersonal differences into powerful learning opportunities.

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Generations in Education