Generations in Education


“Preston Swincher captured our staff’s hearts and minds as soon as he started speaking.” Dr. J.P. Richardson, Gladewater ISD Superintendent

“Very engaging and entertaining. Sort of like a good movie … what felt like 20 minutes was an hour-long talk … time flew by! Lots of interesting data, humorous stories, fascinating observations … packaged up it was a truly enjoyable morning.” Dale Whitaker, Director of Communications, DSISD

The impossible of 20 years ago is the mundane of today. Growing up with new ways to communicate and learn has changed how young educators and students define success in their lives. “Connecting to Digital Natives: Educating Through Generations” examines how every age group, from Baby Boomers to the Web Generation, enriches and challenges each other in schools. With laugh-out-loud stories, a bevy of research, and immediately actionable insights, this talk creates powerful opportunities to motivate educators, better understand parents, and engage the youngest generation of students.

Preston is a hilarious yet informative match for convocations, in-services, summer training sessions and conventions. He has headlined education events for such organizations as: the American Association of School Personnel Administrators, the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators, the Texas Assessment Conference, the Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators, and dozens of school districts all across the United States.

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