Leading Across Generations


“Preston was insightful, funny and hit home as he presented pertinent information about working with Digital Natives. I never send a text without thinking about his helpful advice on communicating with other generations. The audience gave him the highest reviews and are still talking about the information they gleaned from hearing what he has to say. Eye-opening!” Joy Kilgore, CEO of PRIME

Individual work habits are well formed by the time people reach their early 20s. The most educated generation in history, Generation Y’s work habits are rooted in academia, technology exposure and internet culture. With vastly different workplace priorities and preferences than Baby Boomers, Millennials are demanding change in management styles as the largest generation in the workplace. Preston’s perspective as a Millennial has helped leaders across many industries gain the most value they can from their young employees.

Preston’s management expertise and laugh-out-loud presentation style is an ideal match for executive teams, HR managers, middle management teams and administrators. He has set the tone for events as a keynote presenter across many industries, and has been a favorite presenter at conferences, dealer summits, management meetings and even in conference rooms.

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