Selling through Generations


“Preston was insightful, funny and hit home as he presented pertinent information about working with Digital Natives. I never send a text without thinking about his helpful advice on communicating with other generations. The audience gave him the highest reviews and are still talking about the information they gleaned from hearing what he has to say. Eye-opening!” Joy Kilgore, CEO of PRIME

Every generation views products and salespeople through a different lens, and Generation Y has a radically different perspective than their parents. Marketing to and managing customer relationships with Millennials requires new best practices. Preston’s perspective as a Millennial has guided audiences to new understandings of how young people view purchasing. Transform a challenging customer demographic into a new opportunity by understanding when and why Gen Y customers buy.

Preston is a quick-thinking, fun and novel match for audiences of marketing managers, sales managers and salespeople. His fast paced presentation style engages audiences and forces them to reexamine how they view Gen Y customers. He is an ideal presenter for industry summits, dealer appreciation events, conventions and annual business meetings.

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